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Waving Professional System

The evolution and innovation in the world of hair is called Wave Time.

A new method for curly and wavy hair with a ripple system for a lasting and improved effect after each wash.

In the package:

3 x Wave Time, 100ml
3 x Neutral Time, 100ml
Application Wave Time:

Shampoo hair with Lavender and Rosemary PH 3.9.

Achieve the desired mounting curlers, then apply the liquid Wave Shine undulating. Make a proper saturation and abundant hair with the waving lotion to get a perfect and homogeneous ripple. The amount of liquid put on the hair must be such as drench well and evenly throughout the strand of hair to the tip. The recommended dose for a head of hair of medium length is 100 ml of the product, but the amount of liquid may vary according to the shape and degree of porosity of the structure of the hair, to be able to modify the best structure.

After the exposure time necessary, rinse thoroughly and pat with care and precision to eliminate residues of undulating before neutralizing and dab the excess water.

Apply Wave Shine Neutral
it is recommended that a uniform and abundant saturation of the hair to achieve the perfect effect of fixing all locks. The shutter speed will be equal to the shutter speed of the waving lotion.

Spent the entire time laying carry out the curlers and rinse thoroughly
all the hair.
If needed wash hair with Antioxidant Shampoo

Apply Conditioner or alternatively Antioxidant Solution Pac, poses 5'10 'minutes.
After a thorough rinsing apply the acid (tonic chamomile and aloe), and then switch to the desired styling and dry.

The important differences between a traditional and waving lotion Wave Time are:
- The reducing Cyst Amina HCL instead of ammonium thioglycolate harmful.
- Contains no artificial colorings
- Does not contain caustic soda
- Does not contain paraffin
- The shutter speed of the neutralizer must be equal the laying of waving.
- Action decreasing that does not break the sulfur bridges but modifies the shape

A new way to have curly and wavy hair with a system of ripple effects are normally expected for a long-lasting and better wash after wash. Hair soft, elastic, and bright without the danger of having frizzy hair. It contains bicarbonate which makes the hair more healthy thanks to ph 9.8 and desensitizing effect on the hair. Without ammonia replaced with the molecule ethanolamine (neutral smell). It contains amino acid cysteine protein found in hair that allows you to not break the sulfur bridges but to move them. Hydrolyzed wheat protein that repairs and softness, combing and shine. The results are improved results even after several washings without rippling hair. Higher brightness, stable and long lasting curl, elasticity of the hair.

It contains bicarbonate, amino acid cysteine, hydrolyzed wheat protein.